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misogyny in the new york times

stop sexism

I have to admit, I was brought up to think the New York Times is where it’s at. But the truth is there is a LOT of misogyny between those heralded pages. In a piece for Bitch, Sarah Seltzer writes about the consistent and continuing sexism of the New York Times book review. “It’s not just that they are criticized, which they are, but rather that the books, their authors—and heck, the whole feminist movement—are routinely treated with a mixture of giggly naïveté and barbed antifeminist prejudices.” After reading her piece, I was annoyed to find the same is true in their movie reviews – at least that’s what I think after reading this review of Baby Mama. And, admittedly I probably shouldn’t expect uber-feminist consciousness in the Style section, but this piece about dresses is just full of ridiculous lines, like “feminism killed off the dress” and “gender play is fun but…you will have to concede that, for flattering a woman’s body, nothing is quite like a dress.” Really? The dresses article was written by a dude, which is no excuse, by I find it upsetting that so many of the other pieces are penned by women. What are your thoughts?

— Liz

veganism and women’s bodies

ink not mink
More PETA tactics.

There’s an article in the New York Times that covers a lot of the points we’ve talked about at Chattin’ meetings and just around the house/on the blog. There’s not too much new info, but I thought it was cool that it’s being brought up in mainstream media.

What do you think of the quote “I don’t want to be a piece of meat. I’m not going to eat a piece of meat”? What about the idea that these tactics work to attract men to becoming vegetarians or vegans? And how about the claim that groups like Ink not Mink or the the Lettuce Ladies mentioned before are “redefining beauty”?