SO we’re on to week two of our challenge and our focus this week is: water! Our global population is growing and our water supply is shrinking. It’s that simple. An article from MSNBC summarizes some of the issues with our water supply in the U.S, and cites the oft-quoted statistic that by 2050, up to 2 billion people could be facing severe water shortages. There are a ton of ways to reduce your water use, even as a student in a dorm. Showering less frequently, and for a fewer number of minutes each time is one way. Over at Batten House, one way we can definitely save water is by using just one glass or mug each day to drink from, saving our dishwasher and faucet from multiple needless uses. Washing your clothes only when you have a full load, and using cold water, saves both water and energy! One of the best ways to conserve water on a larger scale is a continued theme from last week: eat less meat. We use a lot of our crops to feed animals, and growing those crops takes irrigation. Less animals=less crops=less water use!

Anyways, happy conservation! Dig out your bandannas, french braid those locks, and get ready to radically conserve! Check in with us throughout the week and come to our Water Chattin’ on Wednesday at 6:15!!!!!!