Hey everyone!  This is Jenny, posting from my new collective house in West Philly.  I wanted to share with you a crappy NYTimes article that was written about collective living and features my house.  Several of my housemates participated in a long and thoughtful interview with a reporter to explain why we wanted to live in a space that was actively anti-oppression, the most important reason being our physical safety (we are two POC, two trans people, lots o’ queers and ladies, etc).  Unfortunately the reporter took a very condescending attitude towards our politics in the article.  You can read the original here, a response about anti-abelism here, and my housemate Emili’s experience at the end of this Philebrity post.  In response to the article, Emili is planning a book about collective living and why/how we resist oppression in our environment.   When the call for submissions goes out, I’ll make sure to send a copy to Batten– I know you all would have a lot of awesome things to say.

Hope everyone is well! I miss Batten like crazy.  All  my best ❤