Hello Fellow Radical February-ers!

Sorry for the drought in posts (get it?) We had a fascinating week down at the ol’ homestead with an ol’ fashioned shower competiton, in effort to save that most precious resource: h2o! We even tried washing our hair in snow–but it was a little too gravelly despite our boiling efforts. All told, we had a great week.

We’re on to week three: stuff. We’re taking time this week to think about our consumption of all kinds: the paper we use, clothes we buy, the every-day material clutter of life and how it all fits into social and environmental justice. I promise to update more frequently! Come to our Chattin for dinner and conversation on Wednesday at 6:15!!

Cause of hell week and general busyness, we’re having a “stuff” and “food” event next week: wednesday the 24th join us for a stuff swap and a seitan-makin’ how-to! bring stuff you don’t need or want and find some new treasures. we’ll donate the leftovers!

happy week!