Consensus is a decision making process designed to bring together the views of all of the members of the group.Consensus does not require everyone to agree on everything, but it does require a common goal and a willingness to work together !

According to wikipedia majority rules works better for larger groups and consensus works better for smaller groups.  Maybe wikipedia is saying this because majority rules might leave some people slighted or out of out of the loop. Consensus isdesigned to involve everyone in the group playing a role in the decision making.

coolest consensus fact: the popularity of consensus decision-making in U.S. culture dates from the women’s liberation movement!!!!!

Also, Quakers are the oldest practitioners of western consensus.

A group of female AIDS activists hold a banner reading “WHAM! Women’s Health Care is Political” at a United For AIDS Action demonstration in Times Square in New York City, circa 1992. 50,000 people turned out for the event.