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Puppies and Vegans

So this is Vegan week! I was reluctant at first. I assumed it would be very tough. I thought I would have low energy.

SUPRISE! I actually have more energy. Its weird, I don’t know if it is because I am eating more  unprocessed food? Maybe it is because cheese, eggs and chocolate clog up my arteries? I feel like I have as much energy as a puppy.Do all vegans feel this way? Do dairy products keep us down?

From the New York Times (11/7/2010):

Cheese consumption in the U.S. has almost tripled since 1970, adding calories and saturated fat into the American diet at a time when obesity rates are climbing. But since 1995, a nonprofit marketing corporation created by the government has been working with retail chains to increase the amount of cheese in their products, including Domino’s American Legends line.

Wow! I personally had no idea that the government has worked to increase cheese consumption. It is particularly  ironic because The United States Department of Agriculture is working on  anti-obesity campaign that discourages saturated fat. This same department created a program called ‘Dairy Management’ to vigorously promote cheese – the largest source of saturated fat.—Adrienne

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Okay, so Batten house is in the midst of Radical November. We started our first challenge last week, it was to eat as local as possible.As a house, we have already made a commitment to eat local for our communal dinners but we often eat food that is not local for breakfast or lunch. So, this particular challenge is about being extreme and taking it to the next level.

Support your local economy  EATTTTTTT LOCALLLLLLL!  That is a suprisingly easy in a place like Pennsylvania! We have lots of fresh food in season. Here is a short random list of food you can find at the Bryn Mawr Farmer’s Market or at Clark Park in West Philadelphia:

Apples, Potatoes, Figs, Beets, Beer, Leeks, Beans, Radishes,Kale,Edamame, etc.

Battenik is back!

Hey guys–the Batten house blog is back up and running!

Here you can find pics of delicious food we’ve made, ideas we have about radical living and social justice, and updates on house stuff….

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So this week is LOCAL week–we’re trying to eat all local food!

Some past dinner pics: