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summer treats

who’d a thunk the new york times would have some delish vegan recipes? as part of the 101 20-minute picnic dishes feature, numbers 9-19 feature raw veggies; i wanna try this one:
Process a cup or two of cashews, a chili or two, some garlic, a splash of soy sauce and enough water to get the food processor going; fold in chopped cilantro or chives. Fill celery sticks and chill.

55-60 are the fruit dishes; they’re not all vegan, but there are some interesting concoctions, like number 60 “Toss cornbread cubes with blueberries, lemon juice, olive oil and hazelnuts.”

Anyone have a summer vegan dish they’ve really been rockin?

– Liz

Strut, Cruelty-free

vegan shoes

Natalie Portman has collaborated with limited-edition shoe line Té Casan to create some high-end vegan shoes. She says she was inspired by all the shoes she loved but wasn’t able to wear because she’s vegan (once she made a stylist at a photoshoot cut off the leather buttons on a blouse they wanted her to wear because she wouldn’t be photographed wearing animal products). The shoes start at $175 and 5% of the profits will go to the Nature Conservancy. She’s pictured above in an ad for the company wearing a pair from her line.