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un Make your Mark

Hello fellow Radical February-doers!

Today is the first day of our radical livin’ month. Our focus this week is food. A lot of us here in the house spent last night finishing up our errant eggs and milk (and some particularly delicious/weird free yoplait delights) and getting ready for the challenge ahead!

Below, find a few links to some sites that might help you in your week of radical food consumption, and don’t forget you are all always welcome for dinner at 6:15!! Later on in the week, check back for more specific tips, ideas, and reasons to go vegan or local for the month of february.

My favorite reason is the school yard rationale of you can’t knock it til you try it.

Hope to see you at dinner!

Laura Boyle, battenik


bulletin for 9/21

I was mistaken. The enemy of women is not men. No, and the enemy of the black is not the white. The enemy of capitalist is not communist, the enemy of homosexual is not heterosexual, the enemy of Jew is not Arab, the enemy of youth is not the old, the enemy of hip is not redneck, the enemy of Chicano is not gringo and the enemy of women is not men. We all have the same enemy. The enemy is the tyranny of the dull mind. There are authoritative blacks with dull minds and they are the enemy. The leaders of capitalism and the leaders of communism are the same people and they are the enemy. There are dull-minded women who try to repress the human spirit and they are the enemy of just as much as the dull-minded men. The enemy is every expert who practices technocratic manipulation, the enemy is every proponent of standardization and the enemy is every victim who is so dull and lazy and weak as to allow himself to be manipulated and standardized.
~tom robbins
even cowgirls get the blues

♥Batten house

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represent those of every
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Prop 8 Unconstitutional in CA

Brown: Invalidate Prop. 8

By Mike Swift

Saying Proposition 8 violates constitutionally protected liberties, Attorney General Jerry Brown on Friday asked the California Supreme Court to strike down the same-sex marriage ban, even as supporters filed a brief that would erase the legal recognition of couples married before Election Day.

In a brief filed with the high court, the state top’s lawyer argues for the first time that Proposition 8 should be invalidated, saying it is ‘inconsistent with the guarantees of individual liberty safeguarded’ by the California Constitution.”


a nytimes feature Food Fighters

also this

❤ liz

Anti-Palin Rally in Alaska

Here are some posters I enjoyed:
palin rally

palin rally

palin rally

palin rally

palin rally

– liz

P.F. 1

public farm 1

“P.F.1 (Public Farm One) is an urban farm concept that evokes the look of a flying carpet landing in the P.S.1 courtyard. Constructed from large cardboard tubes, its top surface will be a working farm, blooming with a variety of vegetables and plants. The structure will create a textured, colorful, and constantly changing surface in contrast with P.S.1’s angular concrete and gravel courtyard. P.F.1 will work as an interactive bridge between outside and inside, creating multiple zones of activity including swings, fans, sound effects, innovative seating areas, and a refreshing pool at its center. The installation will be a living structure made from inexpensive and sustainable materials recyclable after its use at P.S.1.”

stumbled across this and thought it sounded pretty rad, has anyone seen it? more here


dumpster lovin

freegan tee
there’s a mawrtyr (hannah upp ’07) in the lead photo for this article about nyc freegans. represent!


summer treats

who’d a thunk the new york times would have some delish vegan recipes? as part of the 101 20-minute picnic dishes feature, numbers 9-19 feature raw veggies; i wanna try this one:
Process a cup or two of cashews, a chili or two, some garlic, a splash of soy sauce and enough water to get the food processor going; fold in chopped cilantro or chives. Fill celery sticks and chill.

55-60 are the fruit dishes; they’re not all vegan, but there are some interesting concoctions, like number 60 “Toss cornbread cubes with blueberries, lemon juice, olive oil and hazelnuts.”

Anyone have a summer vegan dish they’ve really been rockin?

– Liz

In 2002, I joined the Indiana National Guard. When I joined, I was told I would only be in combat if there were troops occupying the United States. I signed up to defend people and do humanitarian work filling sandbags if there was a hurricane. I had no conception I would be deployed to fight on foreign shores.

But in 2005, I was deployed with my unit to Camp Anaconda near Balad, Iraq. My job in Iraq was in military intelligence. Through this job I had access to a lot of information about what was happening on the ground in Iraq. I realised innocent people were being killed unjustly and I tried to quit the military while in Iraq. My commander told me I was stressed out and needed R&R, because I was doing a job I was not trained to do. I went home on leave and said I was not coming back. I was told desertion is punishable by death. I was Absent Without Leave (AWOL) in America for eight months. I searched the internet and found out about US war resisters in Canada. I arrived in Toronto two weeks later.

I should have been in New Orleans after Katrina, not in Iraq. I believe the Iraq War is illegal and morally wrong. I believe I have a duty to refuse to take part in a war not sanctioned by the United Nations, started on the basis of lies.

I have been in Toronto since August 2006. In my time here, I have been self-sufficient and I have made many friends. I have built a life here. Last week I was in Ottawa, when the House of Commons passed a motion saying that the Canadian government should make it possible for conscientious objectors to get permanent residence in Canada. The motion also said that all deportation proceedings against us should be stopped.

But I may be deported anyway. On 21 May I was told that my last chance to stay in Canada had failed, and I must leave by 12 June (since extended to 10 July). I know that if I return to the US I will face imprisonment and possibly a criminal record. I don’t think it is fair that I should be returned to the United States to face unjust punishment for doing what I felt morally obligated to do. I am hoping that Canada, which stayed out of the Iraq War for reasons similar to my own, will reverse the deportation order and let me stay, as parliament has urged. There are several dozen other war resisters like me in Canada now. They all deserve to stay here and get on with their lives. I hope the new American President will end the Iraq War and bring the troops home. But until that happens, I believe it is every soldier’s right to refuse to take part in that war, if that is what his or her conscience says they must do (via BBC).

FEMA kills

This is one of several disturbing stories from Post-Katrina New Orleans… stories that you probably won’t hear on the news.

Police kill man in standoff over FEMA trailer

A man fatally shot by police after a 10-hour standoff Wednesday had suffered with mental illness for much of his life, and it worsened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a family member said. Eric Minshew, 49, ordered Federal Emergency Management Agency workers to leave his trailer when they arrived for an inspection Tuesday afternoon, according to accounts from police.Later, police said he fired at them several times and was fatally shot after pointing a handgun at officers who tried to arrest him. No officers were injured. Rosemarie Brocato, who lives about a block away from the house, said she had told police, “He’s sick. Please don’t shoot him. He needs help…”

There’s a lot of fucked up things about this, but one of the most disturbing is the claim (cited later in the article) that the incident had nothing to do with Katrina. That’s bullshit, and it’s really hurtful to hear that the basic health needs of people living in FEMA trailers are still being ignored (NPR has some thoughts on mental health needs here).