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Hey hey! Ho ho!

To all Battniks (past, present, and future),

Happy May Day!


Here’s some pictures from the Batten Library!  About half of the house-owned material has been cataloged on-line ( with even more on the way!


More Batten Love from Abroad!

Amy’s and Steph’s lovely posts inspired me to leave a short smattering of thoughts why I love Batten from abroad too.

1. Environmentalism! In my host mother’s apartment, the faucets are always left on. Not full blast, but a constant trickle. Dripping, dripping, always dripping. I’ve taken the liberty of turning them off a few times but I realized that such a thing would be blasphemy in Batten and that’s a fond thought.

2. Interesting vegan food! I’m keeping pretty close to vegetarian here and believe me, ain’t nothing but salad. You Batteniks can do wonders with some chickpeas and lemon juice and the Argentines could learn a few lessons.

3. You lovely ladies! I’ve met a lot of people but you guys are great.

Yours in sappiness, Alison

Hi Batteniks! I’m in Jerusalem right now, and I have to tell you that I’ve had at least a dozen dreams about being in Batten with all of you. Since it’s around midterm time at BMC, high time to be raggin on the place, I thought I’d give a few reasons why Bryn Mawr is better than any college ever, even the ones abroad. Jerusalem is great, but Bryn Mawr it ain’t. Why?

1. Laundry is free at BMC! Here, it costs me $5/load.

2. Whether you realize it or not, Bryn Mawr is pretty free of sexism. The “real” world is totally shit, and I’m constantly called a “violent feminist” for expressing any kind of opinion.

3. Batten is the coolest place in the world, for many reasons, including not having to cook every night AND having other people spontaneously make delicious desserts. Plus, nutrious food on a budget! That is really difficult abroad.

4. As difficult and rigorous as they are, Bryn Mawr classes (for the most part) keep you on your toes. I could fall asleep in all of my classes here and it wouldn’t matter, I could still pass them (well, here’s hoping). ALSO! To be compeltely snobby, people who don’t go to Bryn Mawr or some place like it are kind of…stupid. Remember high school? Yeah, it’s like that.

5. At BMC it’s acceptable to dress any way you want – PJs or Gucci or thrift store hipster to class. Here, it’s mostly girls in their north face and spandex, plus me in my “use the f-word: feminist” t-shirt. Stereotypes abound!

6. NO ONE IS QUEER IN JERUSALEM. Seriously, I’m suffocating in a hetero-only city. I miss my womyn-lovin womyn.
Ok, that’s all for now, but seriously, I could go on forever. I think of new ones every day. I miss the Mawr more than I ever thought I would. So soak it up while you’re there, even if it’s kicking your ass right now.



ps I promise admissions didn’t pay me to do this : )

Politics of Being a Bryn Mawr Woman

I know this was reported in the Bi-Co, but I value the opinion of Batteniks much more highly than those expressed in that rag. Here’s what appeared in the Washington Post:

“A very attractive woman — looked like she just got finished teaching a sociology class at Bryn Mawr College, if you know what I mean — she said, ‘Senator Biden . . . I came fully prepared to be unimpressed with you.’ I said, ‘Well, thank you very much.’ ” – Joe Biden, telling a Concord, NH audience about a young woman who challenged him for wearing an American flag pin. (here is the link)

What the hell is he implying? I can’t quite figure it out, but I don’t like it.