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Cooking Videos Online (from Bust)

Bitchin Kitchen with Nadia G.  – With recipes like Rehab Ravioli and Pissed Penne Arrabiata, Nadia G. brings attitude to delicious recipes.

Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen – Ani makes things like raw Pad Thai and Rawsagna.

Cooking With Rock Stars – An Indie Martha Stewart, Jen Robbins interviews and cooks with artists like Jenny Lewis, Sam Beam (of Iron and Wine), and Rufus Wainwright.

enjoy! ❤ liz


Here’s some pictures from the Batten Library!  About half of the house-owned material has been cataloged on-line ( with even more on the way!


Video Clip

I just found a Youtube clip of my favorite comedy group, Kids In The Hall, discussing women’s issues. Or rather, wymyn’s issues. Enjoy!

Love, Alison

Bitchin on Victoria’s Secret

Because of some random glitch in my sanity, I meandered into Victoria’s Secret today. I haven’t worn a bra in forever (perhaps the only redeeming quality of being small-boobed) and, to my mother’s dismay, I have no plans of starting that up again any time soon. Yet I walked in any way, lured in by that pulsing Queer as Folk-esque beat and yeah, the bright pink panties. I got so caught up in the semi-annual sale – cute undies for $4! Underwire-free bras I actually liked and that were under $20! That I totally lost track of why I hate Victoria’s Secret in the first place. As I was standing in line to buy what I thought were quality undergarments, I snapped out of my haze and looked above the cash register. There were four HUGE blown up photographs of models – perfect, blonde, DD models – in tiny panties and boob-enhancing bras. I impulsively put all my stuff down and just walked out of the store, dazed.

So my questions to Batteniks are as follows: 1) What the fuck is up with Victoria’s Secret? 2) Do you feel shitty when you go in there, or am I the only who gets drenched in societally-induced body hate? 3) Most imporantly, if a girl wants a REAL WOMAN-friendly, comfy bra, where can this be purchased??

fight the power. stick it to the (wo)man?