From Philly IMC:

Gov. Rendell is going to apply for funding for ABSTINENCE ONLY Education for Pennsylvania for the first time in four years??!?!?!

Join ACT UP this Thurs. August 28th at 10:00am in front of the Bellevue 200 s Broad St. to tell Rendell – Don’t be blinded by the Abstinence money to the bad science.

Four years ago, Rendell joined California in rejecting harmful federal abstinence funding. Next week, Rendell will formally make the application for abstinence money again. We can still prevent Rendell from making this embarrassing and harmful plea for funds, but he needs to hear that Philadelphia is outraged.

Evidence proves that comprehensive sexual education prevents the spread of HIV and encourages people that are having sex to have SAFER sex. Abstinence Only education promotes shame. It has also been disproved as a method of preventing the spread of HIV. Shame on Rendell.

His bad policy decison will effect the future of sexual education in Philadelphia, and we can stop it. Join us this Thursday at 10am at the Bellevue Hotel (where Rendell keeps a Philly office) to tell him to not be blinded by money to the bad science.

For more information, contact Sam Sitrin from ACT UP Philly at or 215.870.7741.

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