Hi Batten! I’m working at an awesome organization this summer, the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, and I’m doing research on the effects of hormones in our drinking water on the reproductive system. And shit, I’ve found some pretty scary stuff, so I’m sharing.

Environmental Working Group has some great resources about chemicals in the water. Here is their executive summary of the unregulated chemicals in the water. You can also check the water in your state and see what chemicals are reported to be in it. If you want to see the shit going down on a national level, they have that too.

Women’s Health and the Environment is another great source of information. They have a pdf booklet you can look at (for free) that gives a detailed analysis of how environmental issues impact women’s health. I highly recommend it.

As I learn more, I’ll update more. Maybe we can do a Chattin at Batten about this topic?