This is one of several disturbing stories from Post-Katrina New Orleans… stories that you probably won’t hear on the news.

Police kill man in standoff over FEMA trailer

A man fatally shot by police after a 10-hour standoff Wednesday had suffered with mental illness for much of his life, and it worsened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a family member said. Eric Minshew, 49, ordered Federal Emergency Management Agency workers to leave his trailer when they arrived for an inspection Tuesday afternoon, according to accounts from police.Later, police said he fired at them several times and was fatally shot after pointing a handgun at officers who tried to arrest him. No officers were injured. Rosemarie Brocato, who lives about a block away from the house, said she had told police, “He’s sick. Please don’t shoot him. He needs help…”

There’s a lot of fucked up things about this, but one of the most disturbing is the claim (cited later in the article) that the incident had nothing to do with Katrina. That’s bullshit, and it’s really hurtful to hear that the basic health needs of people living in FEMA trailers are still being ignored (NPR has some thoughts on mental health needs here).