lynx man I have been frequently reading the gossip blog which is mostly entertaining and actually often thought-provoking (I recommend a check-out) and have come across a phrase used by commenters to indicate attractiveness: “nom nom” (or sometimes “nom nom nom”). It’s my understanding that it’s supposed to imitate lip-smacking and thus convey that someone is so good-looking they are edible. I think it’s kinda cute. But the idea of edibility is also featured in two pretty ridiculously sexist ads that air often in Ireland (or I often see them as I watch an obscene amount of television here). One is for microwavable hamburgers “nought to tasty in 70 seconds” and the other is for male body spray “the chocolate man effect”: Rustlers BurgerLynx Body Spray There’s a pretty blatant double standard. What do you guys think?* I have to say I love the part where the girl on the subway just takes a chunk out of his ass *- Liz