Because of some random glitch in my sanity, I meandered into Victoria’s Secret today. I haven’t worn a bra in forever (perhaps the only redeeming quality of being small-boobed) and, to my mother’s dismay, I have no plans of starting that up again any time soon. Yet I walked in any way, lured in by that pulsing Queer as Folk-esque beat and yeah, the bright pink panties. I got so caught up in the semi-annual sale – cute undies for $4! Underwire-free bras I actually liked and that were under $20! That I totally lost track of why I hate Victoria’s Secret in the first place. As I was standing in line to buy what I thought were quality undergarments, I snapped out of my haze and looked above the cash register. There were four HUGE blown up photographs of models – perfect, blonde, DD models – in tiny panties and boob-enhancing bras. I impulsively put all my stuff down and just walked out of the store, dazed.

So my questions to Batteniks are as follows: 1) What the fuck is up with Victoria’s Secret? 2) Do you feel shitty when you go in there, or am I the only who gets drenched in societally-induced body hate? 3) Most imporantly, if a girl wants a REAL WOMAN-friendly, comfy bra, where can this be purchased??

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