What’s Your Consumption Factor?

NY Times, by Oliver Munday

I read an interesting artcle this morning that reminded me of a Chattin’ at Batten we had a few months ago. The article talks about the importance of consumption vs population:

“The population especially of the developing world is growing, and some people remain fixated on this. They note that populations of countries like Kenya are growing rapidly, and they say that’s a big problem. Yes, it is a problem for Kenya’s more than 30 million people, but it’s not a burden on the whole world, because Kenyans consume so little. (Their relative per capita rate is 1.) A real problem for the world is that each of us 300 million Americans consumes as much as 32 Kenyans. With 10 times the population, the United States consumes 320 times more resources than Kenya does.”

Go read it!